Monday, December 30, 2013

December Haul

At first, I did SO, SO well with avoiding shopping almost ALL month. I only bought a single sweater, and only because I truly fell in love with it and had an event planned to wear it at. That's the way shopping should be, right?

(polka dot peplum sweater: modcloth | elbow patch cardigan: gap | aztec sweater: tj maxx | embellished sweater: smart set)

(scalloped hem dress: modcloth | floral cutout dress: modcloth | floral dress: modcloth)

Fast forward about 3 weeks and there I was, bombarded with amazing sales and fellow-shopaholic-aunts, and it would appear I lost my cool. I bought lots of fun stuff this month, and to be fair, it was all on sale (PLUS the 3 dresses I bought from Modcloth have been in my basket for at least 2 years, and they just went on sale for 50% off). But I am still incredibly ashamed. I should probably make my new year's resolution "STOP SHOPPING YOU FUCKER." And I should write it on my wall so I see it every morning when I awake and it will eventually be engrained in my brain. Sigh.

(bow-back top: urban outfitters | plaid top: tj maxx)

(assortment from tj maxx and urban outfitters)

I've wanted a basic red and navy plaid shirt for so, so long. It is something that is weirdly hard to find. Luckily I found this real pretty Tommy Hilfiger number for real cheap!

Also I have a feeling that posting one's underwear on the internet is at least mildly inappropriate. But I've seen other bloggers do it and errything I got is just so pretty! I should rename this post "Angela justifies her spending habits and blogging behavior."

(lace booties: modcloth | floral flats: modcloth)

Welp, time to clean out my closet to try and sell some old clothes. Wish me luck.

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