Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Day Off Work

(top: smart set | maxi skirt: garage | flats: american eagle | scarf: h&m | belt: forever 21 | bangle: ardene)

I had such a great day off yesterday! Amanda and I went for coffee at Cafe Natura, and I also had this awesome vegan gingerbread muffin. Then we came back to my house so she could try on some of my dresses for my friends' annual Christmas party this weekend. I am SOOO excited for our Christmastime Liquorfest. It is such a fun time and I love getting together with so many of my close friends! EEP YAY.

In the afternoon, Mike, Mark, Em and I went across the river to eat at the Palace. We all shared con queso, and I had a delish veggie fajita, which is pretty much what I eat every time we go there. Also had a pomegranate margarita but gotta say nothing can compare to the caramel apple NOM NOM. The table was super cramped though and I was having a huge issue spilling my food all over myself. Classic. Mike calls this scarf my crumb catcher -_- but I suppose it's convenient I was wearing it yesterday.

I was really proud of myself for finding a way to wear my maxi skirt in the winter! I had to wear leggings underneath, and both Mike and my mom were not impressed that I wasn't wearing boots. But I felt pretty warm and I think it worked out pretty well. I've been wearing jeans and leggings every day lately and sometimes you just need to throw on something a little more exciting! Getting dressed has been difficult for me lately regardless of the weather, and the snow definitely doesn't help things. Winter has just begun and I seriously can't wait for it to be summer already!


  1. You look so graceful and elegant in this chic maxi, wonderful outfit! It was great hearing your views on my last post. Happy Holidays!