Sunday, January 25, 2015

An Unexpected Trip

I just got home from a last-minute-ish trip to Sudbury to visit Mike! He ended up coming up to do some politics stuff, which I helped him out with. We did spend some of the weekend working, but overall it was SO awesome to have some unexpected time together.

We went to a few delicious healthy/ vegan restaurants. I'm really starting to rub off on Mike with the healthy eating and it's pretty hilarious. We go to the Laughing Buddha every time we're in Sudbury, but we also tried out a new vegan restaurant called Tuco's Tacos, and Mike enjoyed it just as much as me! WE HAD SUCH DELICIOUS MEALS. I wish we had restaurants like that in the Sault. At least North Bay has a few more exciting places to eat!  Mike and I had such a fun time together, and it was so poopy having to say goodbye. The short visits are almost harder than long visits because they're such a tease!

It was also fun to have another roadtrip. I've driven with friends a few times, but there is something so awesome about driving on the highway by myself. It's sooo cheesy but I think I am going to look back on this year as a really romantic and adventurous time of my life. I've spent so much of this year on the road, travelling between two places, and planning times to see Mike.

I've been feeling very grateful lately! I lead a very happy and full life, I have such positive relationships and friendships, and I'm pursuing meaningful experiences. I'm also planning such exciting things for this year. I dunno, I just don't want to forget how lucky I am. Okay I'm going to stop ranting about how happy I am now. That's enough.