Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Cutest Ugly Dress

(dress: h&m | tights: h&m | boots: spring | earrings: joe fresh | bracelets: mix of smart set and h&m)

When I first spotted this little treasure on the rack, I was with Mike and Amanda, who both gave it a confident and firm "NOPE." I believe the words Mike used to describe it were "absolutely hideous." And Amanda likened it to something a grandma would wear, obviously.

Still, my heart longed for it. I returned to the store, tried it on, took a #FAB dressing room selfie, convinced myself it was the perfect dress, and triumphantly left the store with the dress in my shopping bag and $30 or so gone from my wallet.

That was back in September or October, and admittedly this is much more of an autumn dress, but it remains one of my favourites. Long sleeves, floral print, and an unexpected ruffle? Check, check, and CHECK. I feel like a 60's folk hero when I wear this thing. It's great.

Yesterday was a lovely day. My friends came over between classes, and we had a super fun ukulele and singing session. Then Alexa and I spent a few hours in the library, doing lots of homework but also being silly geese.

Today, however, sucked. I had lots of homework and a big group assignment. I wasn't even overly concerned about the work but I still felt overly stressed! Bah! It was a long day and I had random bouts of anxiety. I think that being so busy is really starting to catch up to me. But I relaxed as much as I could and had some sim time for myself so things are looking up.